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11 Golden Retrievers Come To The Rescue

11 Golden Retrievers Come To The Rescue

11 Golden Retrievers Come To The Rescue

Nothing beats the summer heat better than going for a nice cold swim! Well that’s exactly what this man was planning on doing until a pack of the cutest golden retrievers you’ve ever seen went into the water after him thinking that he was drowning. These 11 golden retrievers come to the rescue of this man who they thought was in need of assistance when in fact all he needed was a nice cool down in the water! The man was perfectly capable of going for a nice swim in the ocean, but it’s nice that all those golden retrievers were ready and willing to help out in case there was any problem! There are no words to describe how amazing the sight of 11 dogs paddling after one guy is, so this is a video that you are going to want to see for yourself!

“You’re drowning, let us save you!”Via ViralHog

Posted by Postize on Thursday, March 3, 2016


This guy was perfectly fine going for a swim on his own, and it’s actually this next girl who probably could have used a hand fetching her hover board from the pool! These golden retrievers would have really come in handy during the incident in this next video!

This teen is just practicing her hover boarding skills in her back yard when she makes one tiny slip up! She ends up falling off of the hover board and it goes straight into the backyard pool! If only she had one of these 11 helpful golden retrievers around to do what they do best, retrieve! But alas, she was san golden retriever so she had to dive into the pool herself to go and get her hover board back from its depths. I guess that you could say that she had quite the “ruff” day!

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