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15 Dogs Who Made Poor Life Choices

15 Dogs Who Made Poor Life Choices

15 Dogs Who Made Poor Life Choices

1. This dog who decided to sleep on a pile of weights instead of his bed.


2. This dog who thought he might find treats in the raccoon trap.


3. And this dog who was clearly barking up the wrong tree.


4. This poor guy who was running from the vacuum and hit a dead end.


5. This pup who just wanted to know what was on the other side of the fence!


6. This little guy who forgot that bees are friends, not food.


7. And this one who believed he could eat a leaf blower.


8. This unfortunate dog who realized way too late that there was no way out.


9. This little cutie who thought a pair of underwear would be a great place to relax!


10. And this pup who clearly doesn’t understand how pillows work.


11. This dog who forgot that hammocks have holes.


12. This dog who decided this was the best way to rebel against modern beauty standards.


13. This dog who is just realizing now that the slide may be too advanced for him…


14. This dog who really didn’t know what he was getting himself into.


15. And lastly this poor dog who just remembered he’s afraid of heights!

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