5 Signs You’re the Next Pop Sensation

August 22, 2017

So you think you’re the next pop sensation? Got pipes like Ariana Grande? Talent like Taylor Swift? Style as grand as Lady Gaga?

pop sensation
Those are mighty big statements, but if you want to be one of the greats, you better find some larger-than-life confidence! Here are some signs that you may be a star in the making:

1. You have your own unique look (and you rock it!)

Do strangers stop you on the street to tell you they love your outfit? Do you have a signature style that sets you apart? Having a unique look is vital to cultivating your image as an artist, plus it’s just another way to express yourself!

pop sensation

2. Dancing comes as naturally to you as walking

Part of being a pop sensation is having the right moves! Don’t be afraid to get silly and give your best on the dance floor. Think of every party and wedding as an opportunity to come out of your shell and try out your latest choreography. Start your day with a solo dance party as you get ready! There are so many ways to warm up those dancing feet!

3. You dominate at karaoke

Singing is a huge aspect of pop stardom that cannot be overlooked. Like any other muscle, it has to be trained and worked out, so get singing! A good starting place? In the car or in the shower!

4. You can’t go anywhere in public because people/fans flock towards you

There’s something about you that people can’t get enough of. We call that star quality. It’s just a part of you! People gravitate towards you and want to be around you. Get your autography ready!

pop sensation
And most importantly…

5. You chase after your dreams and won’t let anything stop you!

It’s hard to go after your dreams, but you know your passions and you know yourself. You’re willing to take the rejection and failures that come with pursuing your dreams, but you keep the larger goal in mind.

pop sensation
Go out and show off your singing chops! Choreograph some dances. Work on creating your signature look. Have awesome clips from your training or performances? Send them to us HERE!

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