America’s Funniest Videos Of The Week – Cats!

November 1, 2013


The internet is a fickle beast, but not when it comes to cats.  Cats are king on the internet.  Cats are a staple.  Cats are what bread is to an Italian restaurant.  (Delicious!) 

Our top four list this week supports that theory even further with the video, “Fantastic Funny Felines” coming in at number one.  Just behind that “Animals Riding Animals” (yep, we bet there was a cat or two in there) rolled into number two.  Followed by MORE CATS at the three spot.  Yep, “It’s National Cat Day” clawed at the number three position like a cat grabbing for a laser pointer.  Rounding out the list “Fruit Ninja Fail” fell in at number four proving that humans will watch other humans if those people are slipping, falling, failing, jumping, bumping and wiping out.

Enjoy our top four videos below!
#1: Fantastic Funny Felines!

#2:  Animals Riding Animals

#3:  It’s National Cat Day!

#4:  Fruit Ninja Fail

Think you have what it takes to make the list?  Film your funniest moments and upload them HERE.

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