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10 Animals Who Need To Keep Their Tongues To Themselves

10 Animals Who Need To Keep Their Tongues To Themselves

10 Animals Who Need To Keep Their Tongues To Themselves

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Kissing is a universal form of affection. For humans, there are different levels of kissing. Animals? Well, they begin and end kisses with their tongues. It’s like, their thing. In fact, sometimes animals whip their tongues out when you least expect it. You can protest all you want, but when an animal wants to give a kiss, they’re goin’ in.

Check out these extremely loving animals in the video below. My top 10 tongue licking moments had to be these:

1. The cat who licks the raw chicken.

Has this guy heard of salmonella?  No, thank you!  He’s about to get so sick he won’t be able to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner!  Also, does he think he’s just licking one of his own?!

2. The boxer and pig who can’t stop making out.

This hilarious combo can’t get enough of each other! At first, you think it’s a one-sided relationship and the boxer is coming on too strong, but then the little piggy gives that love right back. These guys are lucky to be co-habituating on the farm together, what fun!

3. The dog who loves Halloween candy.

The joy on this guy’s face, while he licks on a lollipop, is like a kid who just got outta the doctor’s office.  I hope his owner hid the chocolate!

4. The bird and dog who love each other.

These guys seem like they do this every night! One of them puts on Wheel Of Fortune, Jeopardy comes on right after, and then it’s a full-on make-out session. Seems like you can’t keep them apart!

5. The cat who loves Frappuccinos.

This cat loves Starbucks. Each morning, he asks his owner to fill the void in his life that is his missing hair, with a Frappuccino. He prefers caramel.

6. The dog with a super tongue.

Okay, you only have so much power when trying to keep your dog away from the food on the table. But what do you do when you have a dog with a SUPER TONGUE?! She’s got a foot-long tongue! It’s unstoppable!

7. The cat who loves the toilet.

This cat is looking at his owner like he is completely unbothered. He doesn’t care he’s been caught completely red-handed. “Look, owner, you know this is just a day in the life for me.”

8. The dog and kid who lick up spilled milk.

Talk about a tag team! If this wasn’t so darling I would point out how completely disgusting it is! However, this duo is too cute for words as they assist their household in the cleanup. They surely aren’t crying over spilled milk!

9. The cat who loves wheat thins.

I don’t even think I knew cats had tongues this long! Thanks to the salt on this Wheat Thin cracker, this cat shows just how much he doesn’t care about his cholesterol! Watch it, Fluffy!

10. The basset hound who lets a cat lick her ear.

I always wondered what those long ears on were for! And I guess they’re for hiding cats. If this one didn’t melt your heart, I don’t know what will. The basset hound’s face is priceless.

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