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These Babies Sharing A Pacifier Are The Cutest Thing Ever

These Babies Sharing A Pacifier Are The Cutest Thing Ever

These Babies Sharing A Pacifier Are The Cutest Thing Ever

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Sharing is indeed caring. Don’t agree? Check out these two cuties in a tub, and then try to argue! These twins show their love for each other by sharing a pacifier. How impressive is that considering they don’t look a day over 6 months and probably don’t even know what the word “sharing” is!

Though the real question stands: where did the first pacifier go?

As we can see and hear in the video, their mom also wonders about the first pacifier. It is obvious they had two when they went to take a bath, but somehow the other one got lost and they are sharing this one. For most babies, this would include arguing and screaming but these two are sharing the pacifier in the nicest way ever. There is a little bit arguing in the end, but nothing too major. It’s amazing to see them share at such a young age. So adorable!

Pacifiers can greatly improve sleep!

They are excellent soothers and can improve sleep immensely. When children are fussy and refuse to calm down or sleep, pacifiers are the way to go. By giving them a pacifier, a baby will calm down instantly. Parents all over the world swear by them, and they have a good reason for it! Pacifiers are most effective if used up until the age of 6 months. It is recommended to start wearing them off of it when they reach this age because that’s how you can benefit from a pacifier without any additional issues.

You will not believe it, but not only babies love pacifiers. Dogs are big fans as well! Just take a look at THIS VIDEO and see how an adorable dog refuses to give up his pacifier. It is too cute to handle! Prepare yourself!

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