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Baby Girl Has THE Most Shocking Reaction To Her Bottle

Baby Girl Has THE Most Shocking Reaction To Her Bottle

Baby Girl Has THE Most Shocking Reaction To Her Bottle

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By the looks of this baby girl’s face, we would’ve thought she’d seen a ghost! What was the cause of her shocking reaction? None other than her bottle. There are so many things about this video that we love: her all-pink ensemble that matches her pink throne, her enthusiasm upon first laying eyes on the clear, plastic bottle, her full-body shudder following the first sip.

This adorable baby girl loves her bottle!

Just look at this little cutie. She is so excited about her bottle, it’s just too adorable to handle! Don’t you wish you had someone to look at you the way this baby girl looks at her bottle? We would not mind for sure. Observe carefully her body language as she does not even know what to do with her hands with all the excitement going on. Way too precious!

We want what’s in that bottle too!

Aren’t babies the cutest? Their reactions are priceless and their smile is just way too precious. Even though they are capable of their first smile only when they are a month old, soon after they catch up. You can usually try to engage them with funny voices and faces, but for this little cutie, a bottle is all that it takes!

What did you laugh at the most? Her reaction to seeing the bottle a second time probably takes the cake. Is it possible that she was more shocked than the first time around?

Now that your laughing muscles are warmed up, ready for more? We dare you to watch this next video and try not to laugh. You probably won’t be able to do it (we definitely couldn’t!), but it’s really no one’s fault. These kids are so darn funny!

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