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Baby Quails Protected by An Adorable Dog

Baby Quails Protected by An Adorable Dog

Baby Quails Protected by An Adorable Dog

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You absolutely must see this heartwarming video of a German Shepherd who carefully looks after a group of baby quails. The quails look very comfortable around her, as this dog protects them to make sure that they are safe and out of harm’s way. The size difference is so impressive! Baby quails struggle to get over the German Shepard’s paw because it is bigger than their whole body.

Another proof that dogs are everyone’s best friend! In this case, especially of baby quails.

It is really sweet that a dog protects another animal species. It’s proof of their huge hearts! Seeing these baby quails feel so safe and comfortable around this German Shepherd is so cute, and shows that the best friendships know no limits and can be found anywhere. The way this dog cares for the little baby quails is heartwarming and simply adorable.

Dogs are great companions, but baby quails can be a great choice for a pet too!

There are many kinds of quails in different shapes, sizes, and colors and most of them can be the perfect friend for any human, or dog apparently. Baby quails can be wonderful pets for children and adults, as they are very cute and safe. Many choose quails as their pets because they are inexpensive, easy to care for and can live both indoor and outdoor. During winter, they can live indoors while in the summer all they need is a shade from the sun and protection in case it rains or if there is harsh wind.

Quails can become wonderful pets if raised with human attention. They can cuddle with you, eat treats out of your hand and can learn to come when called. They really are amazing pets.

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