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Toddler Becomes Best Buy Geek Squad Member

Toddler Becomes Best Buy Geek Squad Member

Toddler Becomes Best Buy Geek Squad Member

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Kids certainly say the darndest things and this little one is no different! Warning: he’s not saying anything coherent because he doesn’t know words yet, but somehow it’s a full video of him arguing gibberish with his father…and it is hilarious.

The dad is just minding his business, trying to install the new family flat screen, when his son makes it clear he does not approve of his father’s actions.

He starts yelling at his dad like he’s doing something seriously wrong. The dad starts rationalizing the TV mounting strategy he chose based on the TV’s measurements. His son wants nothing to do with his father’s rebuttal.

The baby continues to “argue” with his dad and questions why he’s going against his wishes. You can hear the mom getting a real kick out of her son and husband’s quarrel because it seriously sounds like a real disagreement! But we’re listening to someone who doesn’t even know words!

The toddler sounds so passionate he could be a Best Buy Geek Squad member!

He could make house calls and everything. Perhaps his dad wants to quit his job and they can go on the road together and install televisions all over the world! Well, maybe just their local area, but they sure would be entertainment for their clients! They could promise to always have a full argument that always ends in hugs because in the end, they are father and son…no TV installation process is gonna tear them apart!

BTW…it sure is convenient having a Geek Squad member come to your house. They give you a full consultation about what your surround sound options are (and then you get to tell them you can’t afford any of it and ask them to install the TV). I urge you to call one today!

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