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Summer Roundup: Best Funny Videos and Compilations

Summer Roundup: Best Funny Videos and Compilations

Summer Roundup: Best Funny Videos and Compilations

A Summer Roundup of the Best Funny Videos, Compilations, and Clips!

We’ve had quite the adventure this past summer together (#afvsummer #summer2k17 #bestsummerever)! So, we are honoring our summer memories with this perfect compilation of the best funny videos!

1. What a classic! Not only do kids say the darndest things, but they also tend to embarrass us along the way. And of course, these moments are captured for the world to see, remember, and never forget.

2. Kids have a knack for finding the right words for the right situations… and then sometimes they spout out gibberish and nonsense to the point where there’s really no arguing. Yet, these moments that can be so frustrating at the time can also be hilarious to look back on and watch (and rewatch and rewatch and rewatch, since this is one of our best funny videos ).

Don’t forget about MORE Funny Kids Argue!

3. This summer we realized a lot of sports are hard. One of those difficult sports? Hockey. Sticks, pucks, and ice – basically a recipe for massive wipeouts and busted teeth. There’s a reason you’re supposed to wear a helmet, mouth guard, and 6 pounds of protective gear.

4. This past June we celebrated Father’s Day with this video, so this throwback goes out to all the Dads out there. Keep up the good work and funny jokes. Don’t let the angsty teens and groans get you down.

5. Every day you’re capturing the craziest, funniest, and best moments on camera and sending them into AFV. We recognize the risks you’re taking each time you pull out your phone or camera or recording device of choice. This video is in remembrance and memory of lens you’ve risked and lost. RIP Cameras. RIP.

6. And it wouldn’t be a proper summer sign off without a proper water fails video.

Are these videos making you sad about the end of summer? Us too. Thankfully, the new season is starting up extremely soon! Tune in on October 8th at 8 pm for your laughs, giggles, and fails. There’s so much more to come this Fall.

What’s been your favorite AFV video or compilation? Holding on to some golden clips from your summer of fun? Send them over to us HERE!