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Amazing Surprise for a Big Brother of Five

Amazing Surprise for a Big Brother of Five

Amazing Surprise for a Big Brother of Five

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This heart-warming video makes one of those rare footages that forever remain in the family’s treasure troves. At first, this unassuming young boy thought that he was being called into the principal’s office because he was in some sort of trouble. He is standing in front of the door hesitating to venture inside and expecting to be called in. Little does he know that his parents have especially arranged for him to come and discover a huge surprise – he became a brother of five!

This video is one big family surprise that is sure to rock the big brother of five’s world!

This young boy soon finds out he is to become the big brother of five new children in the family – four brothers and one sister. His parents tell him that the long-awaited adoption papers have finally gone through and the new siblings will soon be there for him to play with and take care of! Talk about a growing family! His reaction to the big news is so adorable, we can’t help but rejoice right along with him!

He will be a big brother of five, he will not be lonely anymore! He will not be able to complain about it any longer.

This young boy just can’t wait to have five new siblings and playmates to share the joys of being a family with! His reaction to becoming a big brother is simply awesome! He’s going to be able to teach them so many things as they grow up together like this next sibling duo! He cannot even wait to share the news with his class. He is so stunned by overexcitement that he obviously loses his train of thought dazzled in where he is heading and what comes next. The only thing on his mind now is – when are they coming?

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