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Cat Quiz: What Kind Of Cat Are You?

Cat Quiz: What Kind Of Cat Are You?

Cat Quiz: What Kind Of Cat Are You?

Care for a cat quiz? We all know the difference between dog and cat person, but there is also a difference between cat personalities! There are many breeds of cats – Siamese, Persian, Russian Blue, Burmese, American Bobtail, and many others. All of them are fabulous and have amazing personalities, but which one lies within you?

Do you know your cat facts? Here are some we bet you’ll hear for the first time!

Cats and humans are best (well, maybe not the best, but certainly the second best) friends for nearly 10.000 years. The rough estimate is that there are over 500 million domestic cats in the world. Domestic cat weights around 8 to 11 pounds, but the heaviest one ever was staggering 47 pounds! That’s one big ball of fur! A cat can produce around 100 different sounds, purring being the most amazing one, since scientist still cannot determine how cats produce this sound. A cat can run over a speed limit – up to 31 mph, but only over a short distance and it can jump up to five times its own height in a single bound. Even so, most of them can be so lazy, you need to beg them to move, usually without success.

What kind of cats do you prefer? Calm or hyper ones? Find out what kind of cat are you on our fab cat quiz!

If your spirit animal is slow and lazy can, the chances are high that you are the calm type, who loves to take long naps, sit in front of the TV and just chill for hours. Maybe you prefer those crazy and goofy cats, who cannot stay still longer than a second, which also paints your personality. But, you’ll know for sure once you take our cat quiz!

And once you get the result, don’t forget to share your funny cat videos HERE. We can’t wait to check them out!


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What Kind Of Cat Are You?
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