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Girl Swears Chin Was Stolen During Dental Procedure

Girl Swears Chin Was Stolen During Dental Procedure

Girl Swears Chin Was Stolen During Dental Procedure

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When Madeline left for her family dentist this morning, she had no idea she would be leaving without her chin, because of Hillary Clinton.

But alas, thanks to strong narcotics, she did. Madeline encountered what most of us do when we get a root canal. That is, “the good stuff.” You know, that stuff the dentist gives you when they’re about to do a procedure that will make you despise them personally? That’s what I’m talking about. Madeline gladly accepted “the good stuff” and before she knew it, her procedure was over. And when she awoke, Madeline could not believe her eyes.

When Madeline awoke from her surgical procedure, she saw that none other than Hillary Clinton, was her dental assistant.

Madeline was beside herself.  How could this happen?!  And just one year exactly from the election last year?Had Hillary become a dental assistant after losing? It was all so confusing, but Madeline didn’t care. The first female presidential candidate was standing in front of her and she needed her autograph asap. Regrettably, Hillary declined.

Madeline was devastated Hillary would not give her an autograph, and even brings up the email scandal to fight fire with fire.

When Madeline’s mom and sister try to console her, she refuses their advances. “How could Hillary do this?”  And on top of that, she hadn’t even shared the worst part…

Madeline reveals to her mother and sister that Hillary Clinton has indeed stolen her chin during dental procedure.

Her family members are beside themselves and continuously attempt to calm Madeline down. She gazes out the window wondering how someone so well connected could betray her so? How could Hillary Clinton have stolen the one part of her face she loved the most during her dental procedure? Madeline knew that much like the election, today would be a day that would live in infamy.

What are your experiences with dentists? Are you like THIS LITTLE GUY who apparently had a blast at the dentist or are you the opposite?

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