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Confused Cat Can’t Grasp Optical Illusion

Confused Cat Can’t Grasp Optical Illusion

Confused Cat Can’t Grasp Optical Illusion

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Have you ever tried staring at those optical illusions to trick your brain into thinking it’s seeing something that’s not really there? Well, this adorable confused cat just got his mind blown by a simple illusion that was printed on paper! Who would have thought that simple lines and squiggles on a sheet of paper could cause so much confusion? This cat gets puzzled by optical illusion trick paper and his reaction is the cutest thing you’ll ever see! Let’s hope the cat doesn’t stare at it for too long, he might get a little dizzy!

Do you know how optical illusion works on this confused cat?

An optical illusion is what happens when your brain plays tricks on you. The brain is, as we all know, a complex little thing and it is constantly trying to predict the future. When this prediction doesn’t match with the way your visual system perceive and interpret an image, an optical illusion occurs. Different kind of shape and colors are used to create the sensation of optical illusion and it can be fun seeing how the brain will react once exposed to that. But animals don’t know what an optical illusion is, which is why this confused cat video is even more entertaining!

Cats can be so talented, which is probably the reason why they rule the Internet!

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