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Confused Golden Retriever Reacts To Getting A Baby Brother

Confused Golden Retriever Reacts To Getting A Baby Brother

Confused Golden Retriever Reacts To Getting A Baby Brother

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We’ve seen tons of viral videos capturing the very moment when family members are told that there is going to be a new baby in the family. Well, get ready to see the most adorable baby announcement reaction of all time! We’ve seen babies, kids, grandparents, and parents react to the big news, but this time it’s the beloved family pet’s turn in the spotlight! This adorable Golden Retriever reacts to news about the baby brother, and the look on his face is absolutely adorable! This is one reaction video you won’t want to miss.

The confused Golden retriever is all of us when receiving surprising news, right?

Although this confused Golden retriever has quite amusing and unexpected reaction to the big news, Goldies are very friendly dogs and excellent with kids. They are obedient, playful, intelligent, well-mannered, and kindly to strangers. Goldies love to outdoor activities and adventures, so they are great both for fun times. They are wonderful companions and they love people so much that they would make horrible watchdogs. Instead of barking, they would snuggle and cuddle with a burglar. Not very effective…

Having a sibling can be hard at times, don’t you think?

Having a sibling can be all joy and happiness but sometimes, beloved brother or sister can become a real menace. Just take a look at this video where two Golden retriever siblings have a bit of a disagreement. Now, this evokes the memories of childhood! Who will get a better toy, a bigger ball of ice cream, a fuller plate at the dinner, a better seat at the movies… Oh, there are so many things you can disagree about with your sibling. However, in the end, the love of a brother or a sister is so unique and magical, you wouldn’t trade it for anything, don’t you agree?

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