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Cute Boy Dancing To ‘Thriller’ Like a Pro

Cute Boy Dancing To ‘Thriller’ Like a Pro

Cute Boy Dancing To ‘Thriller’ Like a Pro

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No, your eyes don’t deceive you! This cute boy dances To ‘Thriller’ better than anyone we’ve ever seen. This talented dancer’s name is William Ryan and he taught himself every step. Supportive mom, Gemma, brought music for the occasion and the rest is history!


He’s got every move down pat! You need to see this cute boy dancing to ‘Thriller’ and share in all the smiles.

Check out his phenomenal moves below! He nails every step and even has a bit of a beach crowd forming. We could watch his phenomenal performance all day! In fact, we just might! Can you keep up with these moves? Watch out, Michael Jackson! There’s a new player in town and he has some moves! Although the background isn’t as flashy and shiny as a dancer of this caliber would expect, this little fisherman version of the king of pop will certainly put a smile on your face. Could you imagine what would happen if he had the proper dancing shoes instead of bulky yellow fishing boots? We bet he’d be even more nimble! And he is so natural on the stage! He is focused on the dancing and barely notices the bystanders. This kid is definitely the future of entertainment!

Here at AFV, we love dance videos? How about you?

Humans expressed themselves via dancing ever since the dawn of time, so it is normal for an average guy or girl to enjoy moving, shaking, and bouncing around. So, dance lovers, brace yourself, we have more videos for you! If you think this video of the cute boy dancing to the legendary ‘Thriller’ is the only dance treat we have for you, you are wrong! Check out how far this groom will go for his bride. With the help of friends, he created a super complicated and difficult to perform choreography in honor of his beautiful bride. Oh, how love is beautiful!

What are your best and worst moves? All of them belong on camera and should be shared HERE so we can all enjoy the good times!