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Cute Dog Wakes Up Kid And It’s The Best

Cute Dog Wakes Up Kid And It’s The Best

Cute Dog Wakes Up Kid And It’s The Best

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We all know how hard it is to get out of bed in the morning. Throughout the hardest moments of our lives, dogs are always there to helps us through. While getting out of bed can feel like a chore, this cute dog wakes up kid is the cutest alarm clock we’ve ever seen. This adorable black lab fetches the kid’s blanket in an effort to wake him up. Even though there is no best way to get out of bed, how great would it be to be woken up by our dogs? No more monotonous alarms! We could wake up to a wagging tail and dogs kisses, and in this case, our blanket was stolen by our dog. Every morning would be exciting!

The star of our video is definitely this cute dog, who just can’t wait to play with his little owner.

This dog is eager to spend time with the kid who just won’t get up. Dogs and school children need an approximately same amount of sleep – around 12 hours, so it’s no wonder why this dog demands that his little human immediately wakes up. As we all know, the bond between a child and a pet is beneficial for the early development of the character, which makes this relationship between the sleepy kid and the cute dog not only adorable but useful as well.

What’s more adorable, babies or dogs? Why not both?

Our dogs have always cared for us: whether that be getting us out of bed or making sure we are happy. This little girl doesn’t have a stuffed animal as a sleeping buddy, but a real-life doggo, who’s taking care of her all night, making the bad dreams go away. This really exemplifies that dogs will always take care of us.

Does your dog have a special connection with children? Make to capture those moments and upload the video HERE!