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Baby Monkey Gives Family Cat Deep Tissue Massage

Baby Monkey Gives Family Cat Deep Tissue Massage

Baby Monkey Gives Family Cat Deep Tissue Massage

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I am still trying to register what I just saw. Was that seriously a baby monkey with a diaper on, no less-giving the family cat a deep tissue massage? Why yes, sober mind…that was. Ok, ok…let’s break this down because it seems to have taken place in a home. Like a comfortable and clean home with a couch, a domesticated cat painted walls…the basics.

This family cat is about to receive the best deep tissue massage ever!

This is where my mind gets blown. This darling little monkey is just chillin’ on the couch next to a sound asleep cat when he decides, “You know what, he looks like he’s had a long day. I think I’m gonna go ahead and give him a relaxing spa treatment.” The little guy innocently walks over to the family cat and just starts rubbing his fur and pressing down on his skin. It’s so sweet and human-like. Then he jumps on top of him and starts caressing him like he really cares!

Monkeys are so smart and really do have human-like characteristics. They can say, “No,” they laugh out loud, sometimes they eat junk food to calm their nerves, and they even recognize faces.

There are 264 known monkey species. Monkeys are divided into two groups: Old World and New World. Old World monkeys are monkeys like baboons, while a marmoset is an example of a New World monkey.

This little guy definitely looks like a marmoset of some type. Did you know they make custom diapers made to fit your monkey? That’s right, somewhere out there…there’s a guy or gal sitting pretty on a pile of cash made of monkey diaper profits. Pretty impressive, huh? Talk about a lesson in following your dreams!

I digress. I’m loving the relationship this pet monkey and house cat are developing already. Such trust and companionship!

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