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Mom Pulls Brownie In Diaper Prank On Dad

Mom Pulls Brownie In Diaper Prank On Dad

Mom Pulls Brownie In Diaper Prank On Dad

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Oh man, this poor dad. But boy, did his wife get him good! I have a feeling this is a prank that moms have pulled for centuries. If you think about it, before the synthetic diaper, there was the cloth diaper, so this one was still possible. God knows brownies have been around forever! Well, not forever.

Fun fact: the first person to put the recipe for “brownies” in a cookbook was Fanny Farmer in 1896.  However, the ingredients did NOT contain chocolate.

If you haven’t figured out what I’m talking about, the mom in the below video played the ‘ol “brownie in a diaper prank” on her husband. For this one, even if you don’t have a brownie, you can always use chocolate.  But Ewwww!  This guy’s wife totally set it up perfectly too: her unassuming daughter is on the floor like most babies and toddlers are…trying to put anything she comes across into her mouth. When the diaper is in the middle of the floor, she picks it up and finds a brownie in there. Bonus! The tot doesn’t care where this chocolate delight came from, it’s still going in her mouth!

When her dad finally notices what (he thinks) his daughter is doing, he is grossed out, but he knows in his heart, it’s not impossible.  As this adorable little tot’s dad, he could potentially come across her attempting to put her own poop in her mouth. And it would be up to him to save her.

Heck, she doesn’t know any better! Of course, if it was really ended up being her own poop, I think her point of consumption face would be quite different! And the mom wouldn’t be laughing as hard as she is. The dad’s reaction is the best when he just innocently asks, “Why would you do this?”  LOL…for our entertainment, pops!

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