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Dog Bath Is Really Not An Option Here

Dog Bath Is Really Not An Option Here

Dog Bath Is Really Not An Option Here

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While most dogs love water and have no problem with dog bath when it is needed, this cutie is not a fan. What you are about to see is an adorable video of a dog who says no to bathing in the cutest way possible. While his human tries to take him to the bathroom to give him a bath, he holds the door so he could avoid it. So adorable!

Dog bath isn’t too appealing to this cutie.

Most dogs we know, adore summer so they could go swimming with their human parents or by themselves because let’s face it, it is super fun! They really love water, but this little guy is not one of them. He prefers to stay in the living room, where it is dry and warm then to go to the bathroom for a bath. When his human parents notice how adorable he acts, they burst into laughter because of the way he expresses his feelings towards baths. He is very calm and is not making a scene, but is gracefully holding the door as his human parents mention bathing. “No thank you, I’ll pass.” is what he’d say.

The level of cuteness is too high!

You do not want to miss this video. It will make you laugh and you will be in awe because of his reaction. Dogs are the best! So, it goes without saying, if you are looking for a swimming partner this cutie would probably pass that offer. However, there are many other breeds that adore water and are great swimmers. You might want to go with the Irish Water Spaniel or the Duck Tolling Retriever.

Even though most dogs love water, this dog is not one of them. But, he’s also not the only one. Check out this VIDEO for more dogs who share his feelings towards water.

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