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You Won’t Believe What This Dog Will Do To Escape

You Won’t Believe What This Dog Will Do To Escape

You Won’t Believe What This Dog Will Do To Escape

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On a weekend in October, dog owner, Elizabeth, was off to an extremely hectic Saturday. Her youngest child had a soccer game in the morning, her eldest a baseball game, and then each child had a birthday party to go to in the afternoon. Plus, when Elizabeth woke up, she realized she didn’t have presents for either party, so that was another errand to add on to the already busy day.

Still, Elizabeth stayed positive knowing an evening of Netflix with her doggies was on the horizon. As Elizabeth was getting the children ready for their day of sports and socializing, she noticed her smaller dog, Rocky, feeling uneasy.

Rocky didn’t like that Elizabeth was off to the sports games without him. However, last time, Rocky peed on the team snack oranges-losing his accompaniment privileges for good.

Elizabeth’s other dog, Rafiki, was just fine with the day at home alone. Rafiki’s go to mental state is “just chillin’” and that’s where she was on this fateful Saturday morning. The clock hit 9 am and it was time to leave. Elizabeth loaded the kids into the minivan and they were off for the day.

Rocky was feeling troubled being left behind. He gazed out the window truly believing his owners would turn around.

That’s when it occurred to Rocky. “I know! I’ll just escape through that doggy gate above the stairs! I’ll go find them at the soccer game!” Rafiki wanted no part of this decision. Rocky prances over to the gate and props himself up on his hind legs. He can’t believe he hadn’t thought of this before!

Not two seconds later, Rocky realizes perhaps this gate that leads to his escape may not be sturdy enough to hold his manly body. Rocky is unfortunately…correct. The doggy gate breaks as he tries to escape.

Rocky goes flying down the stairway with the doggy gate itself! He transforms the gate into a doggy sled, it’s incredible! All the way down to the bottom he goes. This finally prompts Rafiki to mobilize.

Rafiki stairs down the stairwell at her comrade as if to say, “I told you so.” She walks away forfeiting any and all assistance measures.

The good news is, Rocky is A-OK! But he sure learned his lesson!

And before Elizabeth knew it, she was back at home. The kids were in bed and she was loungin’ on the couch with R&R again. Plus, the family got a great laugh from their Nest Cam as a result of their Saturday away!

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