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Dog Plays Fetch With Strangers Across The Street

Dog Plays Fetch With Strangers Across The Street

Dog Plays Fetch With Strangers Across The Street

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What do you do when you’re home alone and have no one to play with? Well, this adorable dog came up with a great idea to meet new friends and get them to play fetch with him. This sweet dog plays fetch with strangers across the street by tossing his favorite ball over the fence and waiting for them to return the ball to him. It is a beautiful sight to see how patiently he is waiting for his ball back.

Needless to say, this is one clever pup who isn’t shy about making some new friends.

You can’t help but be impressed by this dog’s genius plan to get people to play with him while staying put in his yard the whole time. Another thing that we are amazed to see is how many people are in the mood to play, and are gladly bringing this dog his ball back. Do you think they noticed his master plan?

Watching how this dog plays fetch is motivating us to go out more and spend more quality time with our furry friends. Spending time with animals outside is fun and very healthy, as we can get that much-needed workout in. When running around with your furry friends, playing fetch with them or just walking you can reach your daily fitness goal without any trouble. Another positive side is that you can bond with your dog which is a reason good enough by itself.

This dog plays fetch and motivates strangers to join in on the fun.

This lovely dog is teaching everyone a very good lesson. If you want something, you do not give up. You find a way and accomplish your goals if you really want them to happen. Another reason to love them.

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