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This Reaction To A Falling Boat Will Have You Laughing

This Reaction To A Falling Boat Will Have You Laughing

This Reaction To A Falling Boat Will Have You Laughing

Falling Boats and Falling Men

Just as a public service announcement, we at AFV would like to dive into a little lesson about water. During the summer, the majority of us want to be in, near, around, and under the water. Whether it be a river, an ocean, a lake — everyone loves water. Period. But water can play tricks on your perception. It can be visually deceiving as well as physically deceiving. Don’t believe us? Take a gander at two men and this falling boat prank that proves water has a sense humor too!

Although one man caught on slightly sooner than his counterpart, the stillness of water had these two men debating what would happen next! Let’s learn from (and laugh at) these men knowing that while water is beautiful, it can be tricky!  Another physical property of water that we should all remind ourselves that things can get slippery, especially on a dock. Look below for a graceful example!

Just a man on a mission to play with his adorable pupper. Why is water slippery, you ask? There’s a scientific answer involving molecules, adhesion, and chemistry, but we have another answer! It likes to laugh at us when we slip on it. Okay, okay – we’re only kidding. But it does seem like a pretty good reason to us! So, with all of this said, here at AFV we wanted to just remind all you beautiful folks to be careful during this season of playing with water!

If you have any fun interactions or reactions with water, we would love to learn from them! Share them with us HERE!