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Boy Experiences Complete Joy And Terror On First Rollercoaster Ride

Boy Experiences Complete Joy And Terror On First Rollercoaster Ride

Boy Experiences Complete Joy And Terror On First Rollercoaster Ride

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Folks, we’ve all been here: your day is goin’ well, the sun is shining, and you’re getting paid on Friday. You’re feeling good. In fact, you may just start dancin’ on the ceiling! You’ve got that “ain’t nothin’ gonna bring me down” attitude and everything’s gonna be alright.

Then BOOM. Something happens and your day is completely turned upside down.

You don’t know what to do. You’ve lost it. You’re spiraling. Things have officially gone out of control and you completely regret the joy you felt beforehand. That stability almost feels cocky now. You take it all back and immediately feel remorse about every decision you’ve made in your life up to this moment. And you…Just. Start. Screaming.


Well, guys, that’s exactly like the emotional turmoil little Jesse went through on his first roller coaster ride.

You will see here at the top of the ride, Jesse is remaining calm. Little Jesse even tells his father, “We’ll be ok, Dad.” With the wind in his hair, the happiness Jesse is feeling is palpable.


Then little Jesse gets overconfident. He sticks his tongue out at the rollercoaster cam as if to say “nanny, nanny, boo boo, you can’t scare me.” It is my belief this is where little Jesse went wrong.

This is little Jesse “dancin’ on the ceiling” moment if you will. Because here is where the duo’s first hill comes, and as we all know…what goes up, must come down. What comes next, can only be explained visually.

The sheer terror on little Jesse’s face is one that will go down in roller coaster history.

Jesse is feeling extremely disappointed in himself that he made the decision to go on the ride. He can barely get the words out.  “This wasn’t…” little Jesse says.

He experiences the terror for quite some time. It isn’t until little Jesse is certain the ride is over that he is able to get himself together. It doesn’t sound like little Jesse will be taking another roller coaster ride anytime soon!

How was your first roller coaster ride? If you have not experienced it yet, be sure to add it to your summer bucket list.

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