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Fox Asks For 5 More Minutes Of Sleep

Fox Asks For 5 More Minutes Of Sleep

Fox Asks For 5 More Minutes Of Sleep

This is Ron. Ron is a domesticated red fox who lives with his loving human family. On this frosty morning, his mom came over to give him a little wake up call. When Ron first wakes up, he’s super excited to see his mom and says hello with an adorable wag of his tail. But then the early morning laziness sets in and Ron doesn’t feel much like getting up just yet. When his mom keeps calling him and pushing him to get up, he lets out a unique sound that sounds like a cross between a chuckle and a whine which can only mean, “five more minutes, mom!” I guess Ron isn’t much of a morning person, but hey who can blame him? It’s not easy for a lot of us humans to get up early in the morning either, so it’s no surprise that this little fox asks for 5 more minutes of sleep when that’s exactly the reaction that most of us have as well!

Most of us are willing to do just about anything for a few more minutes of precious sleep. This fox is willing to say just about anything to persuade his mom into letting him catch a few more z’s, while these next canine capers are willing to steal their brother’s favorite bed!

These two naught pups have their eyes set on the prize. The prize, is their brother’s plush, comfy bed that he is currently occupying. So the dastardly duo come up with a sneaky scheme to lure the unsuspecting chihuahua out from his bed and then claim it for themselves. The look on the poor chihuahua’s face when he realizes his brothers’ betrayal is adorably sad. Don’t worry, we’re sure the little guy is planning a clever way to reclaim his bed as we speak.

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