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Funny Pug Just Adores Playing Cards

Funny Pug Just Adores Playing Cards

Funny Pug Just Adores Playing Cards

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Family time has never been more fun, and no dog has ever been as skillful as this funny pug when it comes to the art of the poker face! This pug prefers to unwind with a good old game of Uno! With the cards in his mouth, this little fellow is just too adorable to ignore!

Who doesn’t want a calm companion for playing cards at home? This funny pug is the best cards-playing buddy there is: calm, attentive and focused.

The owner puts the cards in his pug’s mouth and he shows no sign of boredom. He has perfected the art of playing cards. We all love this one friend who is always ready to jump in and never says no to social games: whether it’s a game of cards or a game of chess. This adorable pug is the epitome of that.

And do you know something about this minuscule, wrinkly funny dogs?

Pugs are known to be faithful, patient, obedient and loyal dogs. They are pretty relaxed, do not bark to extensive lengths or drive you crazy with stubbornness, and they get along well with other dogs.

They are great with children, maybe because of their minuscule size. They enjoy their owners’ company and show quite a bit of affection. Not really guard dogs, but they are great companion dogs as we can see this funny pug in the video. Who doesn’t want his company?

Being small in size doesn’t mean short history.  The pug breed dates from the 1500s and they are tied to the royal House of Orange, from Holland. The pug breed originates from China but was transported to Holland. The legend has it that in 1572, a pug sounded the alarm that saved Prince William from the approaching Spanish soldiers, and since then the pug forever became part of the Dutch royalty.

Speaking of dog life, one could only dream about having it like the funny pug in the video.

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