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Girl On Hoverboard Falling Into Pool

Girl On Hoverboard Falling Into Pool

Girl On Hoverboard Falling Into Pool

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How thankful are you for these security cameras right now? They can capture some of the best and funniest moments and that is just what this security camera did!

Hoverboard skills on point!

This teen is just practicing her hoverboarding skills in her backyard when she makes one tiny slip up! We cannot deny that hoverboards are fun! And this girl definitely agrees. She is practicing her skills in the backyard and recording her success. Little did she know that there is a security camera recording everything.

Everything seems fine, she is having a good time, hoverboarding skills are looking good but suddenly, things take a turn for the funniest! In a matter of seconds, we see this girl go from a hoverboard pro to a swimming champion! If you are wondering how did this happen and how did she end up there, take a look at the video below!

Spoiler alert: She ends up falling off of the hoverboard and it goes straight into the backyard pool!

From fiction to fact.

Do you remember Michael J Fox’s 1989 movie “Back to the Future II”? If you do, you definitely remember that amazing hoverboard chase! It was so exciting and every adventure lover wanted one! Unfortunately, it was available only in movies. That was until now. Younger generations kept the dream alive and decided to turn it into reality. Why settle for fiction when you can create a fact?

The one we have today may not be as cool as the one in the movie, but it sure is fun and comes really close to the “real” thing! Just ask this hoverboard pro in the video below! Dreams do come true!

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