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Girl’s Goldilocks Catch Fire On Birthday

Girl’s Goldilocks Catch Fire On Birthday

Girl’s Goldilocks Catch Fire On Birthday

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Everyone looks forward to their birthday. Even if you’re getting older, you still get to at least take the day and do whatever YOU want to do. It’s the one day you can use as an excuse to get out of anything, the one day you can celebrate yourself all day, and the one day you can let it all go. It’s a reminder you’ve made it another journey around the sun, and there’s generally a cheeriness about your spirit that day.

Meet Priscilla. Little Priscilla was so excited for her birthday this year. The BIG 2. Her father, Marvin, had gone to the town bakery to pick up her favorite donut: pink with sprinkles. Priscilla’s whole family woke up early to celebrate her milestone birthday.

Priscilla was extremely excited to get the party started.

The family began their rendition of “Happy Birthday” and happiness was in the air. The song ended and it was time for little Priscilla to blow out her candles. As Priscilla leaned forward and over her candles, her blonde hair blew in the wind. It was right then, Priscilla’s father noticed the extreme fire hazard happening right in front of his face.

Priscilla’s extremely flammable goldilocks catch fire all of a sudden and the party takes an unexpected twist.

Without flinching, Priscilla’s father exclaimed, “Watch your hair!”  Luckily, Priscilla’s mother was right by to slap the flame out, but that was not without Priscilla getting upset. Even though her goldilocks catch fire she did not let that stop the party.

She thought she had lost her eyebrow, but that wasn’t going to stop Priscilla from focusing her eyes on the prize. She quickly enlisted her sister to blow the flames out on the donut.

Priscilla’s sister took the necessary precautions of keeping her face and hair away from the candle’s flame and blew her little sister’s birthday candles out.

Priscilla was overjoyed! She clapped with giddiness and couldn’t wait for all 30 grams of sugar to enter her system immediately.

Happy Birthday, Priscilla!

Parties are the best! We all love them, but we are not so sure about this little guy. WATCH HERE

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