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Happy Puppy Is Over The Moon Because Of Her New Toy

Happy Puppy Is Over The Moon Because Of Her New Toy

Happy Puppy Is Over The Moon Because Of Her New Toy

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Who doesn’t love getting a brand new toy? We all connect to our old toys, and they will always have a place in our heart, but it is always exciting when we get something new. This adorable happy puppy just got her new toy and she has the cutest reaction ever! Her excitement can be spotted from afar as she waits for her new toy at the cash register and when she carries it to the car. You can see she can’t wait to get home and play. This is the definitely one of the cutest videos you have seen recently. Get ready for this little cutie.

Watch out shopaholics, this happy puppy is serious competition!

This adorable pooch is at the pet store with her human parents, when she spots a toy that she just has to have! Lucky for her, her parents can see just how excited she is about this stuffed animal sheep and decide to get it for her! This sweet puppy gets excited about her new toy and her reaction has got to be the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen! The best part of this video has got to be when this happy puppy finally gets a hold of this stuffed animal and you realize that the stuffed sheep is bigger than she is!

Terriers are very small, adorable and fierce dogs!

This little one is a very fearless dog. Just look at her go with her new favorite toy. She is carrying it out of the store, passing the street and waiting by the car. How adorable and intelligent!

While this adorable terrier can’t wait to play with his brand new toy, this next dog would much rather have a relaxing day of doing nothing! It looks like it’s going to be a nice lazy day for this super cute bulldog! No time for fetching, when it’s time for napping!

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