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Husky Fascinated By Siri — Check Out His Reaction!

Husky Fascinated By Siri — Check Out His Reaction!

Husky Fascinated By Siri — Check Out His Reaction!

This adorable husky can’t believe his ears when an iPhone starts talking to him!

It looks like this husky is a little behind on technology and only just discovered that there’s a person inside his phone who can talk to him. Yup, that’s right, he finally met Siri! He seems pretty calm when the video begins, but as soon as he hears a voice coming out of the phone, he’s suddenly intrigued. We don’t blame him for being shocked. Do you remember your first time talking to Siri? She is pretty incredible. Watch as this curious canine tilts his head in disbelief. He definitely seems a little confused. You really can’t miss seeing this husky fascinated by Siri; wait ’til he hears her knock-knock jokes!

He’s not the only husky fascinated by Siri and other modern technology. Check out this other furry friend who’s mesmerized by his new toy. Forget chew toys or bones—this husky has his own helicopter! This energetic pup starts wagging his tail and barking when he finds out that his helicopter can fly. It looks like he’s just trying to find someone to play fetch with. Take a look for yourself!

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