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Husky Fascinated By Siri — Check Out His Reaction!

Husky Fascinated By Siri — Check Out His Reaction!

Husky Fascinated By Siri — Check Out His Reaction!

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It looks like this husky is a little behind on technology and only just discovered that there’s a person inside his phone who can talk to him. Yup, that’s right, he finally met Siri!

This adorable husky can’t believe his ears when Siri starts talking to him!

He seems pretty calm when the video begins, but as soon as he hears a voice coming out of the phone, he’s suddenly intrigued. We don’t blame him for being shocked. Do you remember your first time talking to Siri? She is pretty incredible. Watch as this curious canine tilts his head in disbelief. He definitely seems a little confused. You really can’t miss seeing this husky fascinated by Siri; wait ’til he hears her knock-knock jokes!

The Siberian Husky is a very intelligent breed.

This extremely beautiful dog with an Arctic dog temperament is very intelligent and energetic. They love running around and digging holes, and could spend a whole day outside. Of course, as every dog breed, they also need love and some cuddle time. They can be the most gentle at times!

However, even though they love their humans and are extremely intelligent, they are very difficult to train. While other breeds want to please their owners, this one is not so eager to do the same. They are very challenging to train, and they do best with experienced owners. Huskies can do very well in obedient classes, but ignore training when at home. But, they are truly beautiful and wonderful dogs and every effort is worth it. Just be careful when getting a husky to install a high fence, as they are known to wander off from home and get lost.

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