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Ice Cream: Yay or Nay As A Summer Treat?

Ice Cream: Yay or Nay As A Summer Treat?

Ice Cream: Yay or Nay As A Summer Treat?

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Now that it’s the summer season, it’s also the time of summer heat! What better way to combat the humidity and heat than a huge scoop of Rocky Road? Well, if you ask the baby in the following clip, he might disagree. Even the sight of ice cream brings this baby so much horror! Maybe it’s the grooves of the waffle cone? Or the way the nuts are grouped together on top of the solidified chocolate exterior. Perhaps he really, really, really doesn’t like vanilla ice cream, which we all know he would encounter within the first bite of the creamy treat. We’ll let you be the judge of the mystery behind why this baby is so upset by this icy cone of goodness.

The perfect summer treat for this little one is definitely not an ice cream.

Even though most of us absolutely love ice cream and could eat it at any time of the day or night, not depending on the season of the year, this little cutie does not agree with the rest of us. In a very vocal way he is expressing his dislike. The things get even worse when he sees two of them! You’ll just have to watch and see for yourself!

America loves ice cream!

The United States is one of the top three countries with the highest ice cream consumption! And to our surprise, America’s favorite flavor is vanilla! We thought it would be the rocky road, but are not surprised!

Not everyone has this strong negative reaction to ice cream. CLICK HERE and watch as this adorable dog enjoys our summer treat of choice. Even dogs love ice cream, this little one is something special!

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