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Jack Russell Terrier Fantastically Fails Dog Show

Jack Russell Terrier Fantastically Fails Dog Show

Jack Russell Terrier Fantastically Fails Dog Show

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Dog shows are usually where the most athletic and pampered pooches show off their skills and stylish fur. But this bold dog decided to just ignore tradition and have as much fun as possible! This Jack Russell terrier fantastically fails dog show, but he does so with all the energy and pizzaz of a firework! He may not have a perfect score at the end of his run, but at least he had a good time running around the entire obstacle course!

This energetic pup put on a one of a kind show that no one will forget anytime soon!

While others may be here to compete, he is here to have fun! While running around with his human, he wins over our hearts with his energy and cuteness. Just look at him go! He does not care about the reward, does not care about the competition. He is here to have a fun time and is succeeding in doing so. This adorable Jack Russell terrier runs across the entire obstacle course, and everything was going smoothly most of the time.

One obstacle was a little bit tricky and he went right in for a nose dive, but as you can see he could not care less. It’s his show, he’s having fun and there is nothing that will stop this little cutie from having a blast.

The Jack Russell terrier is an extremely happy and a very energetic dog!

They love to work, and when given companionship and a task to finish there’s nothing that can stop them. This little Jack Russel terrier is a proof of that!

I guess this just goes to show that not all dogs are born with grace and agility, but that’s okay! One thing is for sure, they always put up a great show!

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