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Terrified Kid’s Power Wheel Unexpectedly Pops A Wheelie

Terrified Kid’s Power Wheel Unexpectedly Pops A Wheelie

Terrified Kid’s Power Wheel Unexpectedly Pops A Wheelie

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Wow! This tot popped a wheelie he will never forget! I have to admit, I was laughing so hard at him, I watched it three times! I kind of feel bad sometimes when I’m laughing at a kid’s pain, but his parents were laughing just as hard as I was. And we all knew he wasn’t really in danger. Good on his parents for having him in a helmet…safety first!

It looks like it was Christmas morning and his parents put down a custom-made race track for him, thinking it would be a wonderful holiday memory.

By the way, the race track made of firewood is so awesome! He must’ve been so excited when he first laid eyes on this red beauty parked in the middle of it. His parents put his gear on, and it looks like he told them he didn’t want to go without his favorite stuffed animal. Do you see his little-stuffed leopard on the trip with him? Kids love stuffed animals because they give them comfort and solace in times of need. Some children grow an attachment to blankets, others it’s an item.

With his stuffed leopard on board, he is off to the races. First, at a high speed, the tot does two amazing 180 degree turns….then the mini-motor vehicle unexpectedly pops a wheelie and he is NOT having it!

Off he goes and he doesn’t come down from the wheelie. My apologies, but I’m laughing even typing this, thinking of his face. He looks horrified and is really not enjoying how much is parents are taking pleasure in his discomfort. They are definitely going to help him, but not before they watch him up on a wheelie for a little bit longer.

All I gotta say is, lean forward buddy! And, look, little guy-you are so lucky to get one of these power wheels for Christmas! I always wanted one of these when I was young but was never that lucky. Once you master the wheelie, you’re gonna take that thing everywhere!

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