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Watch What Happens When Kids Eat Veggies

Watch What Happens When Kids Eat Veggies

Watch What Happens When Kids Eat Veggies

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They’re shaking! They’re turning green! Could it be?! These kids hulk out after eating vegetables!!! This is the greatest strategy of all time and this mom deserves an award. Kids and vegetables are notorious enemies, yet somehow they’re happy to eat them and have a good old green time.

Just watch magic happens when these kids eat veggies. You won’t believe your eyes!

If you have children, you know how difficult it can be to make kids eat veggies. And veggies are important, there’s no way a child to grow up healthy without eating green. But kids being kids can’t really grasp what is good for them. When you offer them vegetables there can be a lot of tears, tantrums, and your dinner can easily turn into the worst nightmare. Some parents are trying to make kids eat veggies using tricks like bribes, promises, and threats but this mom is definitely the hero of this video. She invented the best hack ever and her kids will probably be very grateful for that once they’re grown up.

Life with kids is a never-ending fun, just take a look at some of the compilations we have in store for you.

These kids turn into superheroes with the very first bite of veggies, but not every parent is so lucky especially in this next comp. These kids take picky eating to a whole new level. Sure, there’s the usual opposition to broccoli and vegetables, but hot dogs? Gravy? Bring on the earplugs and endure the torture of wails, tantrums, and crying. If you enjoy kids’ videos, you should definitely check out this hilarious video of babies eating lemon for the first time.  

How do your kids react to vegetables or the food they don’t like? Tears or superpowers? Send us your clips HERE and let the world see how you deal with dinner troubles!