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Cat Turns Laundry Basket Into Jail Cell

Cat Turns Laundry Basket Into Jail Cell

Cat Turns Laundry Basket Into Jail Cell

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These owners sure had some fun with their little feline friend on this particular evening. Well, it was sort of a happy accident if you ask me! The owner is hanging out at the end of the hallway when a moving laundry basket wizzes right by him. They can’t help but laugh knowing their furry guy got stuck under there.

The laundry basket bolts across the hallway, not showing what is underneath it and the moving image is absolutely hysterical!

The poor cat keeps coming down the hallway like “Get me outta this jail cell!” He’s not stopping for long enough for them to take the thing off of him though. Silly little cat, if you would just wait, they could help you. Instead, he chooses to continue down the hallway at the speed of light and ends up in the kitchen.

Pets are so funny like that. Sometimes, even when you offer them assistance, they just want to be self-sufficient and accomplish tasks on their own.

I wish you could explain to them, “Hey buddy, I can help you. That’s what I’m here for! I have your best interests at heart.”  The owners are so sweet and feel bad enough for the cat that they quickly give him his dinner after an audible “Awwww.” And I agree, the poor guy! He was about as happy to get out from under the basket as jailbirds are when they get out! He’s like, “I’m free!!” Then he gets his favorite meal upon being released.

I wonder what this cat’s favorite cat food is? America’s most popular cat food always seemed like Purina to me. They had that incredibly catchy theme song too…remember it? “Purina cat chow! Chow, chow, chow!” I’ve never owned a cat, but I sure know the song!

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