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Dogs And Babies Prove Sharing Is Caring

Dogs And Babies Prove Sharing Is Caring

Let’s share, everybody!

In society, it is easy to get wrapped up in our hectic schedules and miss out on opportunities to make memories, laugh, and spend time with one another. We are always so busy!  With that said, we can definitely learn from those who have the simplest of schedules: babies and dogs. These babies and puppies realize that sharing is caring! In this Babies and Dogs Edition, we see acts of kindness through the sharing of food.

They share moments together, moments that were recorded and are now being shared with us! Let us all take a moment to share with others our experiences and our lives. We all have so much to offer one another! Whether it is just sharing a chat over some much-need ice cream (always) or sharing that hilarious moment from your past, you are making memories! Human connection must be fostered, people! This two babies below are still working on that lesson.

Do not be like these little twin baby girls who fight over a pacifier! They should look to their fellow comrade babies from the previous video and learn that sharing is caring! Come on babies, you are way too cute to fight and be sad! Every baby deserves a chance to chomp on a pacifier:)

Go HERE to share any videos or moments you have. Let us all spread the love of sharing!

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