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Small Puppy Attempts The Cutest Jail Break Ever

Small Puppy Attempts The Cutest Jail Break Ever

Small Puppy Attempts The Cutest Jail Break Ever

When most people think of an escape attempt or a jail break, they are probably thinking of a scene reminiscent of the one from Shawshank Redemption. Well get ready to have your mind blown in the cutest way possible when you see this teeny tiny puppy squeeze it’s way through the puppy crate bars! This small puppy attempts the cutest jail break ever and he not only succeeds in this endeavor, but he even manages to squeeze back in and out a couple more times afterwards! It’s like he’s showing off his epic jail break skills to his poor sibling who is stuck inside!

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Speaking of adorable escape attempts, while this first pup was successful in his escape attempt the next dog is not so lucky. This curious dog wanted very badly to go where his parents had very clearly marked as a no go zone. While this gate proves to be no match for the dog, the dog sure did end up in a situation that he was not expecting to be in! This older dog could possibly learn a thing or two from the master of jail breaks!

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