Soccer Girl Kicks Ball Straight Into Ref’s Crotch

April 20, 2018

Being an umpire or referee is hard job at any level. But it is especially hard to do for kids sports. We’re talking from age four all the way on up to age 18. When you are a college or professional athlete, sure the refs or umps can cause problems but for the most part it is just pro players and coaches yelling at you. You can ignore the crowd because they don’t really matter to your job. However, at a sporting event where kids are the athletes it’s not the competitors that you have to worry about. It’s the parents.

This is because parents get overcompetitive for their kids and try to argue for them. This fire occasionally makes for physical confrontations and yelling matches between ostensibly adults. Unfortunately, for this guy doing weekend ref work, the parents and the kids are the problem here. One of the girls playing soccer here lines up a kick. However, she doesn’t aim the kick and launches the ball straight toward the referee. It crashes directly into his crotch knocking him to the ground. The girls unsure of what to do just keep playing soccer. Meanwhile, the referee tries to stand up but he is clearly winded a bit.

That all said, it is unclear but we think it is the ref who yells and tells the girls to play on. If it’s not, man, those parents are mean. They could take a minute or two to pause and let the ref catches his breath. It’s called an injury timeout for a reason. I’d like to think that anytime a dude takes a ball to the crotch that counts as an injury that you could take a timeout for. If it is the ref, good for him I suppose. He doesn’t want to take away from the girls’ game and encourages them to keep going.

Do you have videos of kids hitting adults in the crotch? Share with us. Upload HERE.

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