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Sweet Boy Finds Out He Is A Big Brother

Sweet Boy Finds Out He Is A Big Brother

Sweet Boy Finds Out He Is A Big Brother

This is one big family surprise that is sure to rock this kid’s world! At first this cute little boy thought that he was being called into the principle’s office because he was in some sort of trouble, but little does he know that his parents are there to reveal a huge surprise! This sweet boy finds out he is a big brother when his parents tell him that the adoption papers went through and now he’s going to have five new siblings to play with and take care of! Talk about a growing family! His reaction to the big news is so adorable, we can’t help but rejoice right along with him!

This sweet boy just can’t wait to have five new siblings and playmates to share the joys of being a family with! He’s going to be able to teach them so many things as they grow up together like this next sibling duo!

These adorable kids are learning to cook, starting with the basics of oatmeal! Well let’s just say that it doesn’t go quite as planned but it does take a turn for the funny! Don’t worry kid, we’re sure you’ll get the hang of it soon!

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