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These Talking Parakeets Don’t Know How to Stop!

These Talking Parakeets Don’t Know How to Stop!

These Talking Parakeets Don’t Know How to Stop!

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Everyone must agree that talking parakeets are so amazing! Generally speaking, parakeets are one of the species of parrots who are able to talk. That must be the reason why they are very popular as pets. Everyone who ever had a parakeet says that they are easy to care for. They are smart and curious birds, with excellent mimic skills! They simply love to speak in the language of their flock, whether that flock consists of other birds or humans. So, if you really want to bond with your parakeet, teach him to talk, and he will be delighted! Just give it a go!

Talking Parakeets Are So Funny and Easy to Teach!

If you and your parakeet are already good, trusted friends, the training shouldn’t be too difficult. You just have to find the right time when your bird is calm and willing to learn and start repeating one word, slowly and clearly, over and over. It is very likely that your parakeet may not know to repeat the word right away, but just keep repeating it. Choose a simple word, like “Hello”, or perhaps his name, and speak to your bird for a few minutes at a time. Be persistent and don’t forget to reward him when he says the word! With just a little patience, he might become just a true Chatty Cathy, just like those two in the video below.

These Chatty Parakeet Brothers Have Something Amazing to Say — Listen In!

Fabio and Gabriel are Indian ringneck parakeet brothers who have a very close bond. They’re born only one year apart, and they are both very talkative. In this amazing video, they ask each other “How are you?” and “What are you doing?” They even call each other by name. After their adorable interactions, they give each other kisses—how cute! At one point, one of them even asks their owner what she’s doing. So cool! We can’t get enough of how fascinating these unique birds are. Take a look for yourself and let us know what you think!

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