Talking Twin Babies Have A Serious And Important Conversation

July 14, 2015

These adorable twin babies are pretty chatty, but we can’t quite tell what they are chatting about! We imagine it goes a little something like this…

“Yeah, work was so crazy today. Could you believe what Janet said at that meeting?”

“Janet from HR? I was too busy throwing goldfish on the floor.”

“Dave, listen. Did you skip your nap time today?”

“Nah, I had to finish that Excel spreadsheet on how many Huggies we go through in twenty-four hours.”

Can you decipher baby talk? Watch the adorable clip try to figure out what these twin babies are saying!

Twins certainly have a special relationship with each other. In this clip, that unique bond shines bright as these twins laugh at their mother’s fake sneeze. We’re pretty sure that the girls are saying something along the lines of, “If we keep laughing at mom’s sneeze, she’ll probably give us more fruit snacks”, which we totally agree with.

Do you and your twin share an awesome bond? Show us how you two deal with conversations or your mom’s fake sneezes by uploading your clip HERE!

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