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The Best Alarm Clock Ever: The Adorable Samoyed

The Best Alarm Clock Ever: The Adorable Samoyed

The Best Alarm Clock Ever: The Adorable Samoyed

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Waking up in the morning is no easy task. Over the years, many people have tried to create the perfect alarm clock. It can’t be too startling or jarring, but it also can’t be too quiet or calm. Even when alarm clocks do manage to get us out of bed, we’re all too often left with the unpleasant drowsiness that stays with us for the next two hours! Well, we might have been approaching the whole alarm clock thing from the wrong angle this whole time. This lucky man has the cutest alarm clock you could ever have and it isn’t one that you can purchase at your local electronics shop – it is the cute Samoyed dog.

The best alarm clock has four paws, a fluffy white coat, and the most irresistible face on the planet! This cute Samoyed will melt your heart!

What could possibly be better than being gently prodded awake by your enormous, fluffy-white, wide-eyed dog? This may be the alarm clock solution that people everywhere have been searching for! At last, we have discovered the perfect wake-up call, and it comes in the form of a giant, white fur ball who can’t wait to shower you with all the love in the world.

Dogs not only have tons of love to share with their humans but also with their fellow furry creatures as well!

Dogs are particularly known for standing up for their smaller animal friends who may not be able to fend for themselves. After you’ve done with the best alarm clock ever, CLICK HERE to see a pup which, in fact, cares so much for this squirrel that he’s decided to adopt it as his own and has even taken on a vow to protect the little guy from his worst enemy…the cat! If facing your enemy in order to protect a friend isn’t a great act of love and dedication, I don’t know what is. Here’s to true friendship!

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