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Adorable Toddler Boy Falls Asleep At The Wheel

Adorable Toddler Boy Falls Asleep At The Wheel

Adorable Toddler Boy Falls Asleep At The Wheel

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Driving is a dangerous venture – especially if you skip your daily nap. Some babies need to be driven around the block a couple times to fall asleep and now that he’s a toddler this little boy takes matters into his own hands in a drive around the yard. We’d prefer to sleep in a cozy bed over a toy jeep but we are jealous of people who can sleep anywhere.

This toddler boy falls asleep at the wheel and proves that a good day of play and a good nap go hand in hand.

How adorable is this little cutie? He is such a multitasker as well. He wants to play and he wants to sleep. So, why should he choose only one? This is a true example that if you want something really bad you can get it! Way to go, little one!

Napping should be taken seriously!

This little one knows this too well. Just watch as the boy falls asleep while driving. He knows his priorities. Babies appreciate their naps and it is for a reason. Dr. Matthew Walker of the University of California did a research on this topic, and according to him, sleeping for as little as an hour will reset your short-term memory and you will be able to learn facts a lot easier when you wake up. So, napping isn’t only to recharge your batteries and rest, but it also makes you smarter!

Beyond risks on the roads, this epidemic of children sleeping is affecting adults everywhere! From dozing while downing donuts to slumbering in spontaneous spurts, these kids are catching shut-eye no matter where they are and no matter what they’re doing. We don’t mind a catnap or two (we even encourage a daily siesta!), but be careful while you’re operating a motor vehicle. Although sleeping is relaxing and it is hard to wake up from it, maybe THIS NEXT VIDEO will help you learn a trick or two how to wake up easier.

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