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Twin Toddlers Hilariously Bang Heads

Twin Toddlers Hilariously Bang Heads

Twin Toddlers Hilariously Bang Heads

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These twin toddlers love to play! They’re having the best time smiling, giggling, and taking turns hitting their heads on the soft cushions. Oh, the life of a twin. It sounds like a dream! You always have a partner in crime, you get to live life with someone who knows you inside and out, and you connect in a way no one else in this world can. Check out this video for some twin love that’s especially unique.

Check our twin toddlers banging their heads like the biggest hard rock fans!

Headbangers are usually people who are keen on hard rock and metal music, not two adorable toddler twins. As you’ll see in our video, these twins are rocking out! Have you ever wondered why babies bang their heads? If you did we have an answer for you! Although it looks strange, this behavior is very common for toddlers. The main reason for this strange behavior is teething. Tender babies just can’t stand the pain of teething and banging head against the soft surface helps for some reason. The same thing happens once a baby has an ear infection. It is a way to comfort itself during those hard hours.

Being a twin is not all fun and joy. Imagine having one more of yourself out there!

As much as twins can love each other, they can also be each other’s fiercest competition. Imagine it! There’s always someone you’re being compared to from the day you’re born. There’s someone who knows all of your strengths as well as your weaknesses.

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