10 Christmas Gifts No One Ever Asked For

December 15, 2014

finger hands

1. Finger Hands

The gift that’s as creepy as it is useless.

Get it here.

2. Fancy Narwhal

The stuffed toy that, while quite dapper, is probably not worth your $48.

Get it here.

3. Pigeon Mask

For that friend who is constantly whining, “I just want people to avoid me and think I’m potentially disease-ridden!”

Get it here.

4. 32,000 Piece Puzzle

A puzzle that, let’s be honest, you will never complete.
We hope the $220 price tag includes a garage rental so that you have somewhere to put this together.

Get it here.

5. Airborne Disease Stress Ball

Because nothing will relieve your stress like thinking about airborne disease!

Get it here.

6. World’s Easiest Diet Kit

Not just useless, but also offensive! The perfect not-so-subtle reminder that the holidays have taken a toll on your waist line.

Get it here.

7. Jackson Pollock Styled Sneakers

For the low, low price of just $565, you can give someone a gift they will think you found in the trash!

Get it here.

8. Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure Set

Give your single friends the gift of laughter followed by uncontrollable sadness, complete with frumpy bathrobe and unwashed hair!

Get it here.

9. Dog Poop Soap

Because when it’s time to get clean, everyone wants to lather up with dog poop!

Get it here.

10. Headless Teddy Bear Lamp

The only lamp that comes specially equipped to provide your loved ones with both light and nightmares!

Get it here.

And now… the Christmas gift everyone IS asking for: the official Tom Bergeron bobble-head doll! Buy yours here.

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