That Awkward Moment When Thanksgiving Dinner Backfires

November 21, 2018

Thanksgiving is a time for family to come together and, well, argue about politics. But what makes the holiday fun and redeeming is the delicious turkey dinner. Problem is, sometimes that delicious turkey dinner doesn’t come out so delicious. Occasionally there’s a snag (read: FIRE!) in the kitchen. But don’t panic, don’t panic. Just remember where the fire extinguisher is from last year’s Thanksgiving fire and put out the blaze. Meanwhile someone call the pizza place. This year, just be thankful these videos aren’t your family recovering from that awkward moment when Thanksgiving dinner backfires!

Seems like the turkey is getting the last laugh in most of these clips!

There are plenty of incredible quotes that perfectly summarize some people’s troubles making a turkey dinner. My personal favorite is from the first clip, when a woman calmly speaks into the camera, “The annual Thanksgiving fire.” Wait, so this happens every year? Why don’t you just preemptively call the fire department before starting the meal just to give them a heads up?

I’m guessing some of these families have the fire department on speed dial?

Most of the issues with turkey come when someone’s trying to deep fry it. You’ve really got to know what you’re doing to try such a trick. And make sure you’re far away from the house and or garage when doing so. Otherwise, your dinner will turn out like one of our clips that feature a turkey entering a deep fryer, catching fire as the wife shouts “You’re burning the house down!” 

Looks like these families will be enjoying Thanksgiving chinese takeout!

Be careful out there this year! But if you do indeed decide to throw caution to the wind, turn on the video camera. And if you happen to catch Thanksgiving dinner gone wrong, send it to us HERE!


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