Funniest Dog Helplessly Entangled In Sweater

February 23, 2019

Since I work at AFV, I’ve seen countless dogs in any number of entanglements. I’ve seen dogs that got stuck eating their way through couch cushions. I’ve seen dogs that got tangled in garden hoses. I’ve seen dogs that somehow got stuck in their own kennels. If you can dream it, a dog has probably gotten himself trapped that way. But this video might feature the most hilarious and helpless entanglement I’ve ever seen. This woman just finished doing her laundry. We know this because there’s unfolded clothing all over her couch. But when she returns from the other room, she discovers that her dog has snuggled himself into her sweater. So tightly that he can’t get out. Don’t worry, he gets out eventually. But not before we have a few laughs at his expense. Get ready to laugh at the funniest dog helplessly entangled in sweater!

It looks like he’s been mummified in a wool sweater!

Here’s the best part of the whole video. This dog tries to pretend like he’s isn’t stuck in a sweater. When she says his name, his head jerks up. He keeps moving around like he isn’t restricted by fabric. He sits up, moves his head around, listens and responds to what she says. All while every inch of his body is enveloped in wool. It actually looks pretty darn comfortable outside of his movement being curtailed. 

This looks like a snuggie for dogs.

The second best part of this video is listening to her laugh at her dog. This is what our pets are best at, making us laugh for doing the dumbest things. One of my favorite things that our dog does is stumble on the step leading from the kitchen to the family room. It’s just one step. Yet  he trips with such regularly it would blow your mind. Occasionally, while stuck in traffic, or while getting yelled at by my wife, all I can think about is how great it’ll feel next time I see my dog stumble on that step. Here’s another example, we often give our dog ice cream. Which he basically can’t eat without getting most of it on his nose. And there’s just something inherently hilarious about watching a dog slowly and meticulously lick ice cream off his nose.

Something tells me this dog is gonna crawl back in that sweater later.

It’s never too hard to discover the articles of clothing your pets love the most. Usually because those are the articles of clothing most saturated with pet fur. I have a turtle neck that my cat loves to sleep in. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never actually caught him sleeping in my turtle neck. But I have pulled about a pound of cat fur off it. So I think it’s a safe bet that’s his favorite.

Do you have a video of your pet being adorable like this one? If so, we’d love to see it! Send it HERE!


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