4 Party Makeup Tips From This Sassy Toddler

August 8, 2018

Whoever said that makeup is only for grown-ups was wrong – and this adorable little girl proves it.  You’re never too young to experiment with makeup.  In fact, putting on makeup is a creative exercise that might make a mess, but is an awesome outlet for your tiny tot.  Kids are so creative that sometimes they come up with amazing ideas that adults don’t necessarily think of.  Here are 4 amazing tips this future makeup artist shows us that we may have never thought of:


You make think that bright blue eyeshadow was a thing of the 80’s, but this little girl proves how you can still wear it today.  When you find a bright shade that compliments your eye color, and it’s applied correctly, it can really make your eyes pop.  Pair your bright eye makeup with a glittery party dress, and you are ready to go on a Saturday night easily and effortlessly!  Try these color combos based on your eye color:

BLUE EYES – blue eyeshadow and eyeliner

GREEN EYES – purple eyeshadow and eyeliner

GRAY EYES – green eyeshadow and eyeliner

HAZEL EYES – red undertones in eyeshadow and eyeliner

BROWN EYES – copper or gold eyeshadow and eyeliner


If you really want to stand out at your next big event, blush alone isn’t going to showcase your features in the best way possible.  Use a contour brush and a bronzer to bring out your cheekbones and the high points of your face.  Sweep the bronzer over your cheeks, nose, chin, and forehead to create a more dimensional look.  

If you really want to take your shimmer to the next level, dab a highlighter stick over the high points of your face on top of the bronzer.  You will dazzle like a celebrity when the light hits your face and steal the show!


If you want a strong party look and you’re amping up your eyes with an eyeshadow and eyeliner that contrasts your eye color, sometimes it’s best to wear a natural color lipstick so that your eyes are the focal point.  A nude color, or at most, a shade that is 3 shades darker than your natural lip color is a great choice to compliment your bright eye makeup.  

Adding a dark or bright lipstick to an already standout eye can be overwhelming and take away from the brilliance of your colored eye makeup.  And believe it or not, nude colors actually make your lips look more full than super bright reds or dark burgundies.  Consider sticking with a natural lip to amplify your party look.


The secret to pulling everything together and creating an iconic party look is to blend like crazy.  Whether you use a brush, a beauty blender, or just your fingertips, blending your lines will set you apart from the amateurs.  Without blending, your makeup can be too harsh or dramatic for the pretty party look you’re aiming for.  When in doubt, blend a little more!

It’s easy to get sucked into a regular, boring routine wearing the same makeup every day.  That’s why we can learn so much and be inspired by creative toddlers who discover cool tricks by not playing by the rules.  This sweet tot shows us that by going for a bold eye, getting creative with contouring, sticking with a nude lip, and blending like crazy, you can totally pull off a party look that everyone will be jealous of!

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