5 Things That Can Go Wrong On Your Lake Vacation

July 13, 2018

There’s nothing that says summer quite like a relaxing vacation with the family at the lake. Am I right? Ever since I was a little kiddo, my favorite thing about summer has always been hitting the lake house with my entire family. I loved it when I was a baby, and now I love doing it with my own kids. That being said, anytime the whole family gets together, there’s plenty of opportunity for things to go completely wrong! I know I’m not the only one who’s never had a normal family reunion. And where better for chaos to ensue than the lake?


I’ll never forget it… I was with my family and it was my turn to get up on the wakeboard. I got on the board and my family began towing me behind the boat. Things started out GREAT. I was catching every wave and cruising along. But then, things took a turn. I tried to perform a cool trick on a wave, but I completely wiped out! And that’s not the worst part… When I wiped out, my swimsuit bottoms went straight up my butt into what I can honestly say is the WORST wedgie I have ever endured in my entire life! Actually, it might have been the worst wedgie that anyone’s ever had in the history of mankind.

Believe me when I say that there’s a LOT that can go wrong at the lake. Swimsuit wedgies, barbecues up in flames, wakeboarding face plants… you name it, my family’s done it. That’s why I’m bringing you this comprehensive guide of what NOT to do this summer at the lake. Trust me, you’ll thank me when you’re not pulling an atomic wedgie out of your butt after a waterskiing mishap…

1) Overestimate Your Water Sport Abilities
This lake faux-pas may provide your family with ENDLESS entertainment, but it’ll be at your expense! Water sports can be a ton of fun, but they can also be a TON of embarrassment… One minute, you’re gliding across the water on a wakeboard. The next, your hitting the water in the hardest belly flop that your family has ever witnessed. From there on out, it’s all the entire family can talk about. The vacation is permanently defined by your colossal water sport fail. You’ll never live THAT one down… Ouch.

2) Leave Food Out For Bears
This is the number one mistake people make in the great outdoors! We all love getting an up close look at nature, but there is definitely such a thing as too close. Squirrels I can totally deal with. But bears? Uh, NO THANKS. That’s why it’s hugely important to properly dispose of all trash and make sure not to leave food out. Even if you leave food in your car, it’s still not safe! Bears can break into cars to get food, especially if the car is a soft top convertible. And really, who wants to ride all the way home from the lake in a demolished car? Uhhh, no thanks! I’ll ride with Aunt Donna instead.

3) Fish For Bass, Not Compliments
One of the most widely enjoyed activities at any lake is *drum roll, please* fishing! I have fond memories of being at the lake with my dad and him teaching me how to fish. Those were such fun days. But every fisherman has had that moment when they get way too comfortable fishing and then commit a major fishing fail! That’s definitely what these people found. Learn a lesson from these guys and play it safe while fishing. After all, you’re fishing for fish, NOT compliments.

4) Leave Your Electronics OUT Of Your Pocket
Unless you’re a bonafide yogi or ballerina, walking by the water has a strange way of making people COMPLETELY lose their sense of balance. Don’t believe me? Just look at these people! Unless you’re planning on being totally landlocked during your lakeside vacation, which is unlikely, a good rule of thumb is to leave your cell phone out of your pocket. Come on, is there anything worse than getting totally drenched AND needing to get a new phone? No, there is not. That is basically rock bottom. Good luck texting someone to bring you a change of clothes now that your phone isn’t working.

5) Don’t Forget The Board Games
Leaving the board games at home is the fastest way to completely kill your lake house vacation! After a long day on the lake, all anyone wants to do is sit around the table and play some fun games. Is there anything worse than gathering the whole family around the table and then dad suddenly remembers that he left all of the games on the kitchen table? Party foul! If you DO find yourself in a situation where your family is bored out of their mind, there are tons of fun iPhone apps you can download on your phone. But really, nothing compares with a nostalgic game of Candyland.

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